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Bonding and Contouring: Minor Smile Adjustments Make A MAJOR Impact

Bonding and Contouring: bondingChanging the appearance of your teeth not only makes your smile look better, but it may also give you a more youthful appearance, increase the stability of your teeth so you can eat better, and give you a boost in confidence.

However, not all shifts require a significant time and financial investment. Changes to the appearance of your teeth, even those as minor as adjusting the spacing between them, can have a significant impact. When you choose Summerlin Dental Solutions in Summerlin, Nevada, for your dental care needs, you can anticipate receiving the best quality dental care, which will result in you having the smile of your dreams.

Dental bonding and dental contouring are two operations that are performed frequently in the field of dentistry. Both are considered to be non-invasive and affordable options. Both treatments can be carried out independently or in conjunction with one another, can be finished in a little over an hour, and do not normally call for the use of anesthesia. Dental bonding or contouring may be the most suitable choice for you if you want to make a very little alteration to your appearance but still want to see significant results from it.

In the field of aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Cohan of Summerlin, Las Vegas is among the most qualified professionals. She makes use of her love for enhancing smiles in order to employ these simple approaches in order to accomplish significant improvements in the way you look.

Bonding in cosmetic dentistry

Dental bonding may be your best option if you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your smile as a result of minor imperfections such as chips or gaps between your teeth. During this procedure, tooth-colored composite resin will be added to each of the damaged teeth by Dr. Cohan. By utilizing a shade guide, the composite resin will be customized to flawlessly blend in with the color of your teeth, producing the desired effect.
You may quickly add volume to your teeth, as well as correct spaces and enamel that has worn away, all within the span of one hourlong visit. Since dental bonding does not involve the removal of any of your natural tooth structure, most of the time it is not essential to use any kind of anesthesia.
In addition to altering the form of your smile and the color of your teeth, dental bonding can also improve the appearance of your smile's hue. To begin, you and Dr. Cohan will select a color that is ideally suited for your enamel. The section of your teeth that shows when you smile will then have a very thin layer of composite glued to it. This will complete the procedure. After the bonding has been molded and smoothed, you will be left with a glow that is polished yet appears natural.

Recontouring and Reshaping of the Teeth

The reshaping of a tooth is what enamel contouring, often called "enameloplasty," refers to in its most basic form. When performing this frequent surgery, a very small portion of enamel is removed from the tooth in order to change either the shape or the length of the tooth.

The contouring of teeth can make minor chips less obvious and reduce any rough edges that may be present. It is also possible to utilize it to give the teeth a more rounded or squared appearance, as well as a softer aspect to the "eye" area of the teeth. During orthodontic therapy, enameloplasty is frequently performed to assist decrease crowding and create additional space for teeth so that they can be straightened out. Your session should last approximately an hour, and in most circumstances, you won't require any kind of anesthesia.

Bonding and contouring have their advantages.smile makeover after

You may find that dental bonding and recontouring your teeth can make a significant improvement in the appearance of your smile, providing you with the confidence boost you've been searching for. Your smile can be brought into harmony and your overall appearance can be improved by removing enamel from some spots and adding enamel to other areas of your teeth. It is possible to restore a young appearance by repairing chips and worn-down teeth, which will also give you the smile that you deserve.
These procedures cause very little discomfort and are significantly more cost-effective than more spectacular dental veneers or crowns. When compared to the possibility of needing a number of separate sessions, the time it takes to obtain a more appealing smile can be as little as one hour. You won't require any anesthetic, so you won't have to worry about missing out on any of your day's activities.

Any Potential Drawbacks to This?

Dental bonding, much like other types of dental restorations, will eventually need to be replaced. Repairs to the bonding, such as touch-ups or replacement, are often required every few years. It's possible for bonding to get loose and fall off if you have certain habits, including biting your nails or grinding your teeth. Due to the possibility of discoloration at the composite borders, smoking should be avoided when bonding is being performed.

Tooth contouring, in contrast to bonding, is a permanent procedure. There is a limit to how much enamel can be safely removed from your teeth since there is only a certain amount of enamel on your teeth. After having contouring done, it is very important to take care of your teeth properly at home and to visit the dentist often for exams. Tooth decay can do more damage to your teeth since the enamel coating on their surfaces has worn away over time.

Which of These Is Best for You?

Get in touch with Summerlin Dental Solutions in the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas if you are curious about whether or not contouring or bonding will be beneficial for you. Because these two common operations are frequently performed together, you can anticipate achieving notable effects in the appearance, shape, and size of your teeth. This is due to the fact that these two standard procedures are often combined together. Because Dr. Cohan has received extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, you may have confidence that she will offer you with exceptional dental care that is tailored to your specific and individual requirements. You should have a smile that you can be pleased with.

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