Patient Reviews

Dr. Marianne Cohan Reviews

I was very anxious, the team really helped me remain calm. By the time I knew it, the root canal was over. Thanks!
David C.
First class all around. Always feel comfortable. Highly recommend!
Sam K.
My most unfavorite place to be turned out to be a great experience!
Diane R.
Everyone was super amazing and friendly.
Justin S.
It was a great experience, the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in all my needs. I recommend this place.
Shane D.
Thank you for the work you performed on my dental issues. I am pleased with the results. I would recommend you to anyone else.
Jer F.
I know that when I go have my teeth repaired or cleaned, I’m receiving the very best professional care possible. I’ve not suffered any discomfort from procedures and I have been well cared for by staff members in your office. Thank You.
Kathleen J.
A very friendly and professional staff. I felt very reassured and was given in depth details related to my situation and what to expect.
Jessica M.
Pleasant experience, great staff, calming and informational doctor.
Michelle D.
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