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The Transformation of Valentine's Day

Did you know that the events that led to the establishment of Valentine's Day were really focused on the prevention of war? Against the instructions of Emperor Claudius II, a Catholic priest by the name of Valentine surreptitiously married young soldiers and their wives, even though the emperor had ruled it unlawful since only unmarried, young men were eligible to be sent to battle. To prevent prospective troops from joining his army and fighting in his battle, Claudius sought to hoard them by declaring marriage unlawful.


Even after being excommunicated, Valentine continued to marry young couples and was finally put to death for it in 270 AD. Prior to his death, he wrote a letter to a hidden love, signing it "From your Valentine," and sent it. People are still using this method of signing letters and cards over 1,800 years after it was first. This year, continue the tradition that was began many years ago while adding your own personal touch. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Valentine's Day Ideas that are both simple and creative

  • Make a photo of it to remember it by. Images of couples shot around Christmas are common, but Valentine's Day photos enable you to capitalize on the romantic atmosphere. Julia Child and her husband, Paul, had their photo shot together every Valentine's Day, and they made sure to incorporate their sense of humor by including funny accessories in the picture.
  • Return to the location of your first date. No matter whether your first date together took place at a neighborhood hotdog stand, the emotional importance of the experience may make it a memorable element of your Valentine's Day itinerary. Try to be imaginative by creating a treasure hunt that will bring your lover back to the initial date spot, where you may demonstrate your affection with flowers or a present.
  • Messages "From Your Valentine" are common. Provide a unique manner to deliver your message in order to make this Valentine's Day stand out from the others. Alternatively, bake your spouse's favorite food and decorate it with a tube of icing, or write something on the steamed-up mirror so that it appears while your lover is taking a bath or a shower.

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day is a day to honor love, it does not have to be a unique occasion reserved only for couples. If you're single, take advantage of this special day to lavish yourself with affection, because you deserve it! After all, the priest Valentine had such a deep belief in the sanctity of love that he was prepared to put his life on the line to defend it. Valentine's Day is for everyone, regardless of whether you're in a relationship or single, young or old, romantic or not. SUMMERLIN DENTAL SOLUTIONS wishes you a very happy Valentine's Day.


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