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Pain-Free Dentistry. How Do We Ensure Your Trip To The Dentist is Pain-Free?


Pain-Free trip to the dentist?!? The phrase "go to the dentist" conjures up images of a terrifying and excruciating experience for many people. It is a fact that dental operations used to be somewhat excruciating before the invention of the technology we have today. Today, at Summerlin Dental Solutions, painful procedures are a thing of the past.

Dental procedures that were notoriously excruciating have thankfully become a thing of the past.

Your visit to the dentist can now be painless and even delightful, all thanks to advancements in dental technology and sedation techniques.

Your visit will not be painful because Dr. Cohan and her staff have taken the necessary safeguards.

Anesthetics at the site

When patients find out they need even a very modest dental procedure, they frequently experience anxiety. This worry is natural, but be assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that your experience is as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

Before undergoing a relatively modest surgery such as a cavity filling, extraction, or root canal, a patient will receive an injection of local anesthetic in order to numb the treatment region. Local anesthetic can be used to perform dental treatments on you while you are awake, and you will not feel a thing during or after the procedure.

When compared to sedation dentistry, this option is more convenient because it allows you to drive yourself to and from the appointment, and you can even go back to work or school right away afterward. The most time- and resource-efficient type of anesthesia is local anesthetic.


A significant number of patients have anxiety on the possibility that their local anesthetic would stop working partway through their surgery, resulting in excruciating pain. Please let us know if you feel as though the anesthetic is starting to wear off. We are going to pause the process in order to provide another injection to you.

Even though you will be numbed by the local anesthetic before your treatment, many patients are nevertheless anxious about the needle itself. Numbing Gel. The fear of needles, also known as trypanophobia, is a prevalent phobia that affects a great number of children and adults.

Before administering the injection of local anesthesia, Dr. Cohan may first apply a numbing gel to the gums in order to ensure that you do not feel the needle and it is pain-free. In point of fact, many patients say that they were unaware that they had been injected at all.

Dentistry under Sedation is Pain-Free

Sedation dentistry is advantageous for more lengthy dental treatments, such as implant placement, as well as for patients who are excessively apprehensive.

It is acceptable for the numbing gel and the local anesthetic not to be sufficient to keep certain patients comfortable throughout their procedures. During the time that you are having dental work done, you may be put to sleep using either general anesthetic or IV sedation.

In addition, certain individuals require multiple dental procedures to be completed at the same time. Because it allows dentists to do multiple procedures simultaneously, sedation dentistry can help you save time, reduce stress, and alleviate anxiety. If you are going to have sedation dentistry done at your visit, please bring a friend or family member along with you who can take you home afterward.

Are You Interested in Receiving More Information Regarding Painless Dentistry in the Las Vegas Area?

If you are interested in learning more about how your visit to the dentist can be pain-free, please contact Summerlin Dental Solutions by calling (702)341-9160 or scheduling an appointment online. Summerlin Dental Solutions is conveniently located in Summerlin, Nevada.





Dr. Marianne Cohan was voted The Best Dentist/ Dental Office and Best Cosmetic Dentist from The Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2020 and 2021. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1992.

dr. cohan

With an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, complete makeovers, and implant dentistry, Dr. Cohan is committed to continuing education and feels that we never stop learning.  Dr. Cohan takes pride in using high-powered magnification to perform minimally invasive restorative dentistry. She uses all the latest technological advances including digital radiography, digital photography, computer simulations, and high-resolution pictures of your proposed treatment on 55-inch screens.  She also utilizes CBCT (cone beam) and laser technology.

Dr. Cohan is always available to her patients and is available for any dental emergency.



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851 S Rampart Blvd #230, Las Vegas, NV 89145 | (702) 341-9160