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Gentle Dentist in Summerlin


Are you seeking for a dentist who is kind and gentle? Adults of all ages receive care that is both attentive and sympathetic from the staff at Summerlin Dental Solutions in Summerlin. Dr. Marianne Cohan is able to assist patients who have dental anxiety as a result of having had negative experiences in the past. If this describes you, she can improve the way you feel about going to the dentist.

Keep the following points in mind if choosing a dentist who is gentle is one of your top priorities:

What Characteristics Define a Gentle Dentist?

The specific procedures that Dr. Cohan employs in the course of your care are just one of the reasons why she is known as a kind and considerate dentist. However, she not only possesses a soft hand, but also an attentive ear to go along with it. We are able to comprehend our patients' individual histories, requirements, and sentiments in terms of dental care because we maintain open lines of communication with them. Dr. Cohan is able to provide you with care that is as gentle as it can be because you and he have a strong relationship and communicate well with each other.

The Contribution That Skill and Technology Make

Dental treatment that is stress-free is possible thanks to years of skill and practices that are gentle. However, a gentle touch is not the only factor that will determine how stress-free your consultation at the dentist will be. It is also essential to have the appropriate technologies available.


For instance, the utilization of resources that are up to date enables certain processes to be carried out in a more expedient manner. A top objective is reducing the amount of time spent sitting in the dental chair. The fact that more advanced technology guarantees a higher level of accuracy also implies that you will have a lower risk of experiencing difficulties or ongoing issues in the years to come.

What About Dentistry Performed Under Sedation?

Even if you have a gentle dentist, you may feel worried about getting dental work done. It's all good! Sedation dentistry is something that our practice offers for instances exactly like this one, when our patients require assistance in relaxing. It makes no difference whether you require a standard method or have something more involved in the works. Sedation dentistry allows patients to take advantage of an additional relaxation aspect, which can assist them in overcoming concerns such as dental anxiety or phobia.

It is much simpler to keep up with the requirements for your oral health if you combine the benefits of sedation dentistry with the treatment provided by a gentle dentist like Dr. Cohan. Especially in the event that extensive dental work needs to be done on your teeth.

For Patients Who Suffer from Dental Anxiety

It is believed that one out of every ten persons suffers from at least one form of dental anxiety. If you avoid the dentist for as long as you possibly can because you are afraid of going there, your anxiety is doing you no favors. When you get to that point, it's quite likely that you won't go back to the dentist until you're dealing with a significant dental issue, such as a toothache that's causing you discomfort.

When dental anxiety prevents a person from practicing routine preventative care, it makes it impossible to detect even relatively small dental problems while they are still in a stage where they can be readily reversed or cured. As a result, rather than performing a simple repair or reversing the disease, the situation deteriorates into a state that calls for more involved therapies to be carried out.

Finding a kind and trustworthy doctor who practices gentle dentistry might assist you in overcoming your fear of the dentist. As a result of this, the level of care that is required for your dental health is typically not as severe. In the event that you do require medical attention, you won't break the bank getting it!

What You Should Anticipate During the Course of Your Appointment

When you call to schedule your appointment, please don't forget to let us know if you suffer from dental anxiety. No, we won't judge you! When we are aware that you experience anxiety about going to the dentist, we are able to better arrange a more comfortable encounter for you.

The more you communicate your issues to us, the more effectively we will be able to address them. Dr. Cohan, a kind and considerate dentist, is aware that the experiences of each patient are unique. Either your tooth hurts and you don't want anyone to touch it, or you had a dentist who was rough with you when you were a child and you haven't been back to the dentist since then. Allow us to assist you in altering your perspective regarding visits to the dentist's office.

Utilizing Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Measures

You can prevent more serious dental problems from developing by going to the dentist regularly for checkups, having light cleanings done, and having comprehensive exams done. We encourage all of our patients who have teeth that are in good oral health to schedule a visit with one of our dentists at least once every three months. Cleanings as infrequently as once every three to four months might be quite beneficial for individuals who have a history of gum disease.

In contrast, putting a hold on such appointments implies that tartar growth will be more severe, gingivitis will be more noticeable, and other issues will be ignored. When you do go back for a checkup, the care that is provided often lasts a little bit longer and requires more effort from the medical staff.

Whether or not subsequent treatments need to be "aggressive" is significantly impacted by one's decision to take the initial step toward maintaining normal preventative care. Simply making an appointment for a checkup and a professional cleaning at least twice a year can assist to ensure that each and every trip to the dentist is as painless and stress-free as is humanly feasible.

Visit Our Summerlin Gentle Dentist

Visit Dr. Cohan, who practices at our Summerlin office, is well regarded as being among the most kind dentists in the Summerlin area. We at Summerlin Dental Solutions highly recommend that you come to us if you suffer from dental phobia or are thinking about getting sedation dentistry done. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.





Dr. Marianne Cohan was voted The Best Dentist/ Dental Office and Best Cosmetic Dentist from The Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2020 and 2021. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1992.


With an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, complete makeovers, and implant dentistry, Dr. Cohan is committed to continuing education and feels that we never stop learning.  Dr. Cohan takes pride in using high-powered magnification to perform minimally invasive restorative dentistry. She uses all the latest technological advances including digital radiography, digital photography, computer simulations, and high-resolution pictures of your proposed treatment on 55-inch screens.  She also utilizes CBCT (cone beam) and laser technology.

Dr. Cohan is always available to her patients and is available for any dental emergency.



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851 S Rampart Blvd #230, Las Vegas, NV 89145 | (702) 341-9160