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9 Tips for Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene at your Summerlin Dental Office

9 Tips for Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene at your Summerlin Dental Office



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How much is a dental cleaning without insurance?

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The following are nine helpful hints for maintaining good oral hygiene.

A healthy smile may be achieved by following these nine essential dental hygiene suggestions. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is an essential component of a healthy way of life. Follow these instructions to give yourself the glowing, radiant smile you've always dreamed of having.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is an essential component of a healthy way of life. It is not necessary for your regular oral hygiene to take up a lot of time or be difficult to do. If you want a healthy and bright smile, all you must do is follow these nine easy suggestions for dental care, and you will be well on your way says your Summerlin Dental Office

  1. Switch from sugary drinks to water as your beverage of choice.

Consuming sugar is not only horrible for your general health but may also be damaging to your dental hygiene. Sugar can cause cavities and tooth decay. After digesting anything sweet, the bacteria that are left behind will transform into an acid. Your tooth enamel will become eroded as a result of this acid, which will lead to major difficulties in the future.

Pay attention to the amount of sugar that you consume on a daily basis. It's possible that will take you by surprise. Then you should try replacing your go-to sugary drink with water instead. Both your teeth and your body will appreciate your efforts.

  1. Steer clear of starchy meals and load up on fresh, crisp fruits and vegetables.

According to the findings of the American Dental Association, starchy meals are significantly more detrimental to dental health than sugar.


Because starch may be broken down into sugar, and the sugar can then remain.

When you eat foods that are high in starch, the starchy particles frequently remain in your mouth. The end effect is that food is allowed to remain lodged in and around your teeth for a prolonged length of time, which causes enamel to wear away. Instead, you should try including more fresh food that is still crisp in your diet.

  1. If you want to have healthy teeth and gums, you shouldn't neglect cleaning your teeth before bed.

Brushing your teeth twice daily, as recommended by  your Summerlin Dental Office dentist, is probably not news to you. In spite of the fact that this is common knowledge, a survey conducted by Delta Dental discovered that only 55% of Americans clean their teeth twice every day. Either 14% of people wash their teeth more than once every day, while the remainder only do it once or not at all.

If you don't brush your teeth before going to bed, the sugar, starch, and germs from the day will be allowed to stay on your teeth and continue to erode your enamel while you sleep. That can have a disastrous effect, over the long run, on your efforts to maintain good dental hygiene.


  1. For optimal dental hygiene, you should brush both your teeth and your tongue.

A significant number of germs may be found in your tongue. This bacterium has the potential to spread throughout your mouth and body if it is allowed to go unchecked. This bacteria is a significant factor in the development of foul breath.

The easiest approach to make sure you clean your tongue twice a day as the American Dental Association recommends is to incorporate tongue washing into your daily oral hygiene practice. You may scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper or use your toothbrush for a few seconds to do this. If your tongue is clean, you could notice that food has a nicer flavor afterward. This is an added perk.

  1. Include mouthwash in your practice of good oral hygiene.dental-smiles-lady-300x200

Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash on a regular basis is a great way to maintain good dental hygiene. One of its many advantages says your Summerlin Dental Office is the elimination of germs from areas of your mouth that are difficult to access. Some mouthwashes actually have the ability to harden enamel.

The final step in any oral hygiene practice should be using mouthwash since it is simple, quick, and effective.

  1. If you want to have healthy teeth and gums, you should quit smoking.

The practice of smoking is harmful to one's general health, but it is particularly detrimental to one's dental hygiene. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that those who smoke have double the risk of gum disease. Worse yet, therapies for gum disease are frequently less successful on smokers, leaving smokers with long-term serious health consequences.

If you are a smoker, you should think about scheduling an appointment with a your Summerlin Dental Office dentist as soon as possible in your area for a checkup. It is extremely important to do early detection of conditions such as gum disease. One of the most important pieces of advice pertaining to oral care is to put the pack down.


  1. If you want to have excellent oral hygiene, make sure your toothbrush is clean and don't share it with anybody else.

Cleaning your toothbrush is an easy task that has significant significance. After each usage, all that is required of you is to give your toothbrush a good, thorough rinsing to remove any remnants of toothpaste or food. This straightforward washing eliminates any possibility of germs developing in the particles that would have been left behind otherwise.

It is imperative that you do not lend or lend out your toothbrush to anybody else in order to practice good hygiene. When you do this, you expose other people to all the bacteria that are present in your mouth, and maybe even your blood. Because of this, it is not advisable to even share it  among members of the same family. The first step in maintaining good oral hygiene is to keep your toothbrush clean.

  1. To maintain a good dental checkup, floss your teeth or use a water pick.C-300x268

Even though we are all aware that flossing is something we should be doing on a consistent basis, approximately 59 percent of Americans acknowledge that they do not floss their teeth every day. This results in the retention of minute food particles between the teeth, where they can erode the enamel and lead to cavities. This is a very important piece of advice regarding dental hygiene.

Flossing your teeth might be difficult for some people and their hygiene routine. If this is the case, using a water pick is an excellent method for accessing the narrow crevices and areas that exist between your teeth.

  1. Make frequent trips to your Summerlin Dental Office dentist as part of a good regimen for maintaining your dental health

One of the most important things you can do to maintain good dental health is to schedule regular checkups with your Summerlin Dental Office dentist. Regular visits to the dentist are important regardless of whether or not you are experiencing any underlying dental problems. These visits ensure that problems are addressed and resolved as soon as they emerge, allowing you to steer clear of any potential complications in the future

Maintaining a state of excellent oral hygiene is essential for living a long and healthy life. If you follow these nine suggestions for dental cleanliness, you will be well on your way to having a beautiful smile that is free from disease and decay.




Dr. Marianne Cohan was voted The Best Dentist/ Dental Office and Best Cosmetic Dentist from The Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2020 and 2021. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1992.

With an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, complete makeovers, and implant dentistry, Dr. Cohan is committed to continuing education and feels that we never stop learning.  Dr. Cohan takes pride in using high-powered magnification to perform minimally invasive restorative dentistry. She uses all the latest technological advances including digital radiography, digital photography, computer simulations, and high-resolution pictures of your proposed treatment on 55-inch screens.  She also utilizes CBCT (cone beam) and laser technology.

Dr. Cohan is always available to her patients and is available for any dental emergency.


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