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When You Have a Dental Emergency, Should You Go to the Emergency Room?

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If you're experiencing a dental emergency, should you go to the emergency room?

Alongside experiences such as ear infections and kidney stones, toothaches are among the most excruciating pains a person is ever likely to go through in their lifetime. The intensity of tooth pain can range from a subtle ache to a strong, throbbing pain; but, if you find yourself in the thick of a toothache, you will do whatever it takes to get care as quickly as possible.

However, if you are experiencing tooth pain or any dental emergency, should you go to an emergency room?

Is There Anything That Can Be Done for Toothache at an Emergency Room?

To begin, conventional medical facilities such as hospitals and emergency departments are not geared up to manage oral issues. Even though they have the ability to give antibiotics and pain medications and provide some early relief from the sensations of discomfort, they do not have the resources necessary to treat the underlying cause of your tooth problem. In the end, they will have no choice but to refer you to a dentist or an oral surgery clinic in order to receive actual therapy.

What does this imply for people who see the dentist?

Potentially, it can lead to more aggressive dental disorders due to a delay in care. Because a medical doctor has no other treatment options to offer, they are the only ones who may prescribe medication to their patients, which increases the risk that some of those patients will acquire an immunity to antibiotics. If you start to feel better, you may be tempted to put off getting treatment for longer than you should. This can lead to preexisting dental disorders being more difficult (and expensive) to address.

If, on the other hand, your dental emergency involves more than just a "tooth problem" — for example, a fractured jaw — then you do, in fact, need to get to the hospital as quickly as you possibly can. Having said that, situations requiring immediate dental care are quite uncommon.

Are Summerlin Dentists Open After Hours?

Even though the majority of dentist offices in Summerlin are only "open" during standard business hours, you may typically reach a member of their on-call staff at any time of day or night (24/7), in the event that you require emergency treatment. Call the number of your dentist's office and follow the voice prompts if you already have a dentist that you see regularly. You might be required to leave a message, but be assured that the recording is being closely listened to at all times. There is a possibility that after hours, the voicemail will include a different phone number with instructions for who to contact in the event of extreme discomfort.

Even while you won't need to meet me at the office after hours for the vast majority of dental emergencies, there are always going to be exceptions to any rule. You will have the added benefit of a dental professional who is already aware with your situation if you have an ongoing relationship with a family dentist that you know and trust. This relationship should be built on mutual respect. In the event that you are experiencing tooth pain, it is strongly recommended that you make an appointment with your dentist before going to the nearest emergency department.

The Urgency with Which You Should Obtain Dental Care


In the event that you are dealing with a genuine dental emergency, you should make every effort to see the dental office within the following one to two hours. When there is extreme pain, broken teeth, or other urgent situations that require immediate care, our clinic will, as a general rule, rearrange our schedule to accommodate patients who need emergency treatment. If you can make it to our clinic as quickly as possible, you'll have a higher chance of preserving your natural teeth.

In the event that you have tooth pain and visit a hospital, you incur the chance of having to wait in the emergency department or the waiting room for a significant amount of time while other patients with more serious medical conditions are seen first. Even if they are able to provide you with short-term pain relief through the use of medication, a doctor won't be able to treat your dental injury in a way that is permanent by the time they get to you. As a result, they will send you to a dentist's office even though they can't repair your dental injury permanently.

Easing the burden on hospital and emergency room staff

At the moment, a visit to the emergency room puts pressure on the medical personnel, who are already working hard to treat patients during a pandemic. In addition, it eliminates the requirement for the personal protective equipment (PPE) that must be saved for individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 or genuine medical crises. We only advocate coming to the emergency room of the hospital if you are experiencing something like the following, which is because the hospital does not have dental staff or the ability to treat the underlying cause of a dental emergency:

  • A broken jaw
  • A traumatic brain injury
  • Excessive and persistent bleeding
  • Severe edema of the face

In any other case, seeing your family dentist is going to be the most secure option for treatment. Going to the dentist rather than the hospital can lessen the likelihood that you may come into contact with other people who may be contaminated with different diseases that can be transmitted from person to person.

Emergency Dentist in Summerlin

Dental treatment that is both family-friendly and reasonably priced is available whenever you need it with Summerlin Dental Solutions. You are the focus of our high-quality services, which are aimed at relieving any discomfort you may be experiencing as quickly as possible so that you may get on with your day as usual.

We strongly encourage you to give us a call if you find yourself in need of an urgent dental procedure in the Summerlin area. We are always happy to take on new patients! Even if you do not already have dental insurance coverage, we are able to provide you with low-interest and even interest-free financing on any service through CareCredit. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to receive prompt pain treatment.



Dr. Marianne Cohan was voted The Best Dentist/ Dental Office and Best Cosmetic Dentist from The Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2020 and 2021. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1992.

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With an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, complete makeovers, and implant dentistry, Dr. Cohan is committed to continuing education and feels that we never stop learning.  Dr. Cohan takes pride in using high-powered magnification to perform minimally invasive restorative dentistry. She uses all the latest technological advances including digital radiography, digital photography, computer simulations, and high-resolution pictures of your proposed treatment on 55-inch screens.  She also utilizes CBCT (cone beam) and laser technology.

Dr. Cohan is always available to her patients and is available for any dental emergency.


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