Dental Treatment Testimonials Las Vegas NV


Our Patients Say the Nicest Things!

“You guys are the BEST! Thank you, ever so much, for the great care that you continue to give me.”—Julie T.

“I usually hate going to the dentist. I avoid it at all costs. The whole staff was really great and made a uncomfortable situation not so bad!”—MeMariannee C.

“If you care about your smile, this is the dentist for you.”—Madison P.

“My most unfavorite place to be turned out to be a great experience!”—Diane R.

“A very friendly and professional staff. I felt very reassured and was given in depth details related to my situation and what to expect.”—Jessica M.

“I know that when I go have my teeth repaired or cleaned, I’m receiving the very best professional care possible. I’ve not suffered any discomfort from procedures and I have been well cared for by staff members in your office. Thank You.”—Kathleen J.

“Everyone was super amazing and friendly.”—Justin S.

“I was very anxious, the team really helped me remain calm. By the time I knew it, the root canal was over. Thanks!”—David C.

“First class all around. Always feel comfortable. Highly recommend!”—Sam K.

“It was a great experience, the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in all my needs. I recommend this place.”—Shane D.

“Pleasant experience, great staff, calming and informational doctor.”—Michelle D.

“Thank you for the work you performed on my dental issues. I am pleased with the results. I would recommend you to anyone else.”—Jer F.

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Rod Gleave and his wonderful staff. The office is always very clean and the staff very professional and kind. In a typical visit I am asked several times if I am comfortable or if there is anything they could get for me. Dr. Gleave did a great job seeing what would help my general dental health as well as what would look most natural when completed. He was so precise in his diagnosis and in preparing my final smile he was nothing short of an artist. Even my billing was exactly as agreed, and I think this was my first time to find a doctor’s office so great to work with. Dr. Gleave came highly recommended by a friend. I would trust him not only with my own children but recommend him to anyone else looking for a great dentist. If you go to him you will have found your very own dentist for life.”—Darren M.

“This is by far the most positive experience I’ve had in my life with a dentist and his staff. My smile is beautiful again and I feel confident the work he did will last. I cannot recommend Dr. Gleave highly enough!”—Monica E.

“I initially had my veneers put on in June but when Dr. Gleave looked at them he was not completely satisfied and asked if he could redo them. He ordered a whole new set at no cost to me which was a pleasant surprise. I have been going to Dr. Gleave for over 15 years and refuse to go elsewhere because he does an amazing job and really works to do his best work.”—Dennis H.

“I recently had a horrible bike accident where I flew over my handle bars, chipping my front two teeth. It was awful! I needed a great cosmetic dentist to help with this one. I was recommended Rod Gleave and I decided to try it out. Still skeptical that I could ever have normal looking teeth again, I went to Rod’s office and was taken care of completely. His receptionist, assistant, and everyone there was gracious and comforting in my time of need. And last but not least, my dental repair was completely painless, comfortable and renewing! My teeth look better than they did before. I absolutely recommend Rod Gleave to everyone and anyone who needs dental help or even wants a better looking smile!”—Julian T.

“Dr. Gleave is a great dentist. He takes a lot of pride in his work, and always wants his patients to be happy. He is honest, knowledgeable, gentle, and does exceptional work. He cares about his patients and always checks up on them after every procedure. You can trust you are going to be taken care of when you go see Dr. Gleave!”—Michelle C.

“Dr. Gleave is an excellent, knowledgeable dentist. He is patient and took time to coach me through different options to find the correct solution for the best dental care going forward. I am a senior and was given the special attention I required. I am having a bridge made – go back this week for the final. Dr. Gleave has my confidence.”—JoAnna K.

“You can’t find a better, more skilled, trained, and educated Dentist and Staff ANYWHERE! I had extensive work done by Dr. Gleave and I couldn’t be happier with my experience or the results. I LOVE Dr. Gleave and his Staff!”—Julie Ann T.

“My top front teeth were worn down from years of grinding (I am 57 years old), and I had an issue with an existing baby tooth that had been crowned in the past and broke. I worked with Dr. Gleave over a two year period, first to extract the impacted adult tooth and replace with an implant and temporary crown, and then to crown the implant and add veneers to my four top front teeth. I was very leery about having work done on my front teeth, and kept putting it off. Turns out my fears were groundless. Inside the mouth the veneers are unnoticeable other than I no longer feel a rough edge on the front teeth. In the mirror they look great, and my family and friends have remarked how better my teeth look. Dr. Gleave was great to work with. Appointments were easy to schedule around my travel schedule, and his staff worked with my insurance company to get some of the cost covered by insurance.”—Jeff D.

“Being someone who is petrified of going to the dentist and needed A LOT of work done, I did a lot of research on sedated dentistry in my area. I found Dr. Gleave and must say he really treated me with great care and patience. Both he and his staff really helped me through my fears and worked with me until I was ready to get all my massive dental work done. The entire staff including Dr. Gleave are just so nice and helpful. He did a great job on my mouth and am glad I found him. If you are afraid of getting dental work done and need someone who is professional and has a gentle touch - Dr. Gleave is your guy. Never once did I feel uncomfortable and the staff worked extra hard to make sure my experience was as good as it could be. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”—Alicia G.