CEREC Dental Crowns Las Vegas NV


CEREC Single Visit Dental Crowns Las Vegas NVNatural-Looking Crowns Made While You Wait

There are some things that can only be completed in stages. In the past, that was true for getting a crown. Your dentist would prepare the tooth, take an impression, and place a temporary crown. The impression would be mailed to an out-of-town lab, and you would be on hold for at least two weeks, waiting for your next appointment to place the permanent crown. Sometimes the fit wouldn’t be correct. A new impression would then go back to the lab, and you would begin the process of waiting again.

But now, that’s all changed. We can shorten that two-week waiting period and the two or three office visits to just a single appointment via our new CEREC™ technology! CEREC, a computer-aided design and milling device, permits us to manufacture a permanent crown while you wait. Now, there’s no more waiting for the lab and no return trips to the dentist. Our patients love it!

To produce the restoration, we use a special camera to take a detailed image of the tooth, which is downloaded onto a computer screen, enabling us to process the restoration. At this point, CEREC assumes control and automatically creates the new crown. Finally, we bond the new crown to the surface of the old tooth.

Without impressions or temporaries, the CEREC system lets us repair a damaged tooth in a very short time with a long-lasting, aesthetic alternative to silver or plastic fillings.

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